Reza Zahedi

Meet Reza

Unveiling the Story Behind the Code

My story starts when I was in high school. One day, my older brother came home with a peculiar-shaped object, big gray boxes with wires and a piece of advanced technology filled with lots of keys! At that time, we didn't even have a television at home. It was my first encounter with a desktop PC in my childhood.

Reza Zahedi in NYC

Witnessing my fascination, my brother gifted me a Pascal programming book next summer. That summer, I immersed myself day and night, eager to learn it. The result? I created bunch of executable programs, including a midi piano note player and a snake game. That marked the beginning of my passion for programming, devloping and building.

Fast forward to today, with all the up and down, I'm a web developer with over eight years of experience crafting dynamic and efficient web solutions. My journey began with those humble beginnings, fueled by a curiosity that led me to explore the depths of technology. From a solid foundation in PHP and MySQL, I seamlessly transitioned to modern tech stacks like Node.js, React, Next.js, Express.js, Firebase and MongoDB.

With a knack for design and proficiency in tools like Figma and Photoshop, I can transform concepts into visually stunning interfaces, and interface designs into fully functional websites and web applications with performance, responsiveness and accessibility in mind.

Although I've honed my skills in LAMP, PHP frameworks and CMSs, my focus now shifted on crafting bespoke solutions using modern JavaScript tools and stacks for building scalable, maintainable, and performant web applications.

Here I am, at the heart of technology in the Bay Area, still driven by the same passion for learning and building. Let's collaborate and build something remarkable together!

You can contact me through email at Alternatively, you can also connect with me on LinkedIn or Github.