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Hello! I'm Reza, an aspiring web developer with over eight years of experience whose code sometimes works. Right now, I'm focused on mastering various web technologies like Node.js, React, Next.js, Firebase, and MongoDB, covering both backend and frontend development, and I'm excited to see where those skills can take me in the future! I specialize in crafting database schemas, APIs, and creating seamless user experiences with a focus on performance and accessibility. While skilled in LAMP stacks, PHP CMSs, and frameworks, as I said my focus shifted toward developing and delivering applications using modern tools. More about me

Reza Zahedi in NYC
Photo by Gary Gelb - NYC, Nov 2011
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Stunning Embedded Rich Cards with the Astro Markdown Plugin for GitHub Repositories

Learn how to create rich embedded cards for GitHub repositories and npm packages in your Astro website using a custom rehype plugin by finding URLs and fetching data from third-party APIs.

Quick Guide: Next-Auth Email Login Setup & use Resend to send verification email

This guide demonstrates how to implement email login using Next-Auth. It covers a step-by-step instructions of Email Provider setup, using Resend for email handling and showcases customizing verification emails to send email by Resend.

Create Table of contents in Astro and sectionize the Markdown content

Discover how I build a dynamic table of contents component for my Astro website. This blog post included how to access headings prop in Astro layout and build a dynamic table of contents component, then sectionize the markdown content of blog posts by installing a plugin and configuring Astro markdown options.

Using NextAuth authentication provider in Next.js 13 App Router

Learn how to implement NextAuth.js authentication provider in Next.js 13 App Router and use NextAuth build-in OAuth provider like Google and Github in your app. I'll use NextAuth in server rendered pages and also client side components.

How to build a contact form in Astro, Vercel and SendGrid

Learn how to build a contact form in Astrojs with Vercel, and SendGrid. We'll create the form with Astrojs, configure Vercel to handle form submissions and SSR, and integrate SendGrid for email delivery.

How I build SSG site and host it for free on Firebase

A blog post about how I build website by Hexojs, a SSG blog framework and host it on Google FIrebase.