Reza Zahedi


Next.js Next-Auth Starter Template

This project build by Next.js 13 APP Router, using NextAuth for authentication, Modal Intercepting Routing for /login modal or route, and styled by Tailwind. This project also included a sample protected route and sub-routes too, It is useful for making admin dashboard. I used Route Groups to make multiple root layouts for each of home page and admin dashboard separatly.

I made this project to help me understand how to use Next.js 13 APP Router structure and how to setup NextAuth, also to have a simple starter template for my future projects that need authentication.

Homepage Screenshot

Getting Started

Create your .env file as the following or from the .env.example and fill it with your credentials, in the case of database I used Postgres hosted on Vercel with Prisma ORM, setup your database and fill the POSTGRES_PRISMA_URL and POSTGRES_URL_NON_POOLING with your database credentials.

# Only required for localhost
# Only for production – generate one here:

Then, install all packages and run the development server:

npm install
npm run dev

Open http://localhost:3000 to see the result.

This project have two Routing Groups (home) and (admin) to have seperate root layouts for each. The (home) is for our root segment / that you can start editing the home page by modifying app/(home)/page.tsx. The (admin) is for our admin dashboard segment /admin that you can start editing the admin dashboard by modifying app/(admin)/admin/page.tsx.

Here a screenshot of admin page with CRUD functions under /posts folder, by reviewing the codes you can learn more about how to use server actions in client side, how to create modal and forms and much more:

Admin CRUD section with edit page opened as a modal

Upcoming actions:

  • Implement authorization for API routes.
  • Utilize the Prisma provider for efficient token and user management.
  • Incorporate a secure Login with email / password functionality.